Friday, October 24, 2008


Over the past few months the government has made it quite clear to Americans that they (the government) cannot take care of our future. Oil prices have climbed out of control, energy shortages have run rampant, and all the while, in the process, our economy has been driven into the ground. What we do with our lives, our futures, and our children's futures depends on how we act now.

That is why I have set up a fund sponsored by me and other like minded individuals designed to reward technological advances in alternative energy by infusing capital into research, development, and production, driving at an oil free future. Projects we support include wind, solar, fuel cell research, and many other renewable forms of energy. All proceeds go directly into helping the nation become energy efficient by giving rewards to new research technology (i.e. universities) as well as to families willing to augment their landscape (i.e. put solar on their homes, or wind turbines on their land).

Did you know that if only 1% of the American population donates one dollar to our organization, with our way of management we can create 1.8 times the power of the Hoover Dam in renewable energy. If the government tried to do the same task with your tax dollars it would require $19.00 (instead of $1.00) to do so. Therefore, if you would like to be a part of the future, and are tired of waiting on the government for things to happen, join me and T. Boone Pickens by donating here: